The Ivel Protection Association June Meeting

A meeting was held in June by the Ivel Protection Association to discuss the current state of the river. From this an action plan was created. For those who are interested here’s the email from Graham Palmer (IPA Secretary/Treasurer) and the associated action plan docs.


To all IPA member clubs & IPA Delegates

The June meeting of The Ivel Protection Association discussed the state of The River Ivel and agreed to move forward with an action plan. The article by Graham Inwood distributed to all delegates at the beginning of May called for member clubs to discuss the issues and come back to meetings throughout this year with their considered responses. A copy is attached for reference.

Feedback at the meeting was very positive although not all clubs have had time to fully consider the article. There is ample time for this, the action plan will be an agenda item at all meetings for the foreseeable future, so if your club still wishes to respond please do so. The consensus at this meeting was that the river is in severe long term decline and the IPA should exercise its constitutionally defined role to ‘protect and improve’ the fishing on the river. In particular a vote of thanks went to the committee of Shefford DAA for producing an extensive and well considered document dealing with the issues facing the river environment and some detail proposals for action. A copy is attached for all clubs to discuss and respond. Whilst the IPA welcome ideas and suggestions in writing, your delegates will of course need to be present at future meetings in order to vote on any propositions.

For any plan to succeed it will require effort from individual members of the IPA. This in turn requires communication. For this reason the meeting agreed to add all relevant documents to the IPA website and to create an IPA Facebook page. Member clubs will be asked to add links on their own websites and to help distribute information via their own Facebook groups. The aim is to reach out to all keen river anglers amongst our members and give them the opportunity to assist with The Ivel Action Plan.

Graham Palmer Secretary/ Treasurer



Links to the associated docs.

Action Plan for the IPA (12 June 2018)-1 Shefford DAA

Ivel action plan article