Vauxhall have 3 lakes on our Tingrith Complex, the Manor Lake, Woodlands and the Mere.

Tingrith Complex – Map and Plan

Manor LakeThe Manor Lake is a fantastic fishery with carp generally up to 13lbs, with some really nice roach, crucians and rudd. The Manor lake is very shallow being only 18″ deep on average, the dam end can go down to about 3 feet though. The shallows fish really well all year round with 100lb bags commonplace in the summer and 50lbs quite achievable in the winter. The Manor has some true wild carp alongside commons and mirrors. Vauxhall has carried out extensive work on all 3 lakes, removing tons of lilies from the Manor Lake, improving the swims and pathways. At Woodlands, professional tree work has been carried out to open the swims up more, pathway and swim improvement.


20140629_130205Woodlands is quite a deep lake averaging around 12 feet. Some good carp, crucian carp to 2 lbs, tench, bream, perch, roach and rudd. Due to the depth, winter fishing is more difficult with carp becoming more dormant. The roach and rudd can still be caught in the cold months by using maggots and getting them to feed just under the surface. Vauxhall have added 700 tench, 600 carp and several thousand small roach and bream to improve the winter fishing.

The Mere

The Mere has had unwanted in lake weed removed, the roadside bank professionally re-enforced and again tree work carried out. It is a true fish a chuck lake in the summer and a fish every other chuck in the winter! There are carp to 19 lbs,fine crucian carp, good roach, bream and rudd here, an ideal place to introduce your children and grandchildren to fishing! Vauxhall AC own both Woodlands and the Mere, currently we have a yearly agreement with Luton AC as a water share only on these two lakes. The Manor Lake is for Vauxhall members only.

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