Great Ouse – Sharnbrook


River Great Ouse View From Sharnbrook Mill

Access for this stretch is either via Sharnbrook Mill car park or the many parking areas on the Sharnbrook Pit Complex.

This long and varied stretch runs from the viaduct north of Sharnbrook Mill for the whole length of the Pit Complex, through Bletsoe and through the roadside to Radwell Bridge. Famed for its barbel and chub this stretch also holds very large perch, carp, bream and top quality silver fish. Even though this section runs into the Radwell length, there is a completely different feel to the river here. There are wide, narrow, shallow and deep areas to explore. You could fish a different swim every week and still not fish all of the available swims at Sharnbrook. The Club allows night fishing on this section of the river (and Radwell) and there is something very exciting waiting for the rod tip to pull around after dark.

The Sharnbrook Complex – Map and Plan