Guest Permits

Guest permits cost £10 and must be applied for by a current member, NOT THE GUEST! A permit runs for 24 hours and the following information must be included in your request (if necessary send separate email to

Members name and book number
Guests name and address
Date / Time and  Venue to be fished.

The permit is valid for the day of issue only. The guest must be accompanied by the named member. The guest is allowed to fish with a maximum of 2 rods and must hold a valid EA license.

Disclaimer: Members or visitors entering the clubs waters do so entirely at their own risk. Overhead power lines affect certain of the clubs waters and your attention is drawn to the danger of death or serious injury caused by electrocution. There may also be steep banks, dangerous swims or paths and you are warned to take extra care. Members and visitors are bound by the rules of the Club and the Club will not be liable to any member or visitor or their estates for any personal injury sustained by them or death or for the loss of any property.

Guest Name & Address
Venue and Date