March Match and other news

The closing match of the season was fished on a wet and windy day at Tingrith Manor Lake on the 5th March.

Back towards full strength 18 of our regulars fished through the wind and rain to produce some excellent bags of fish for what were considered to be winter conditions.

1st           John Clennett     72 lbs 14ozs

2nd          Tony Kay              66 lbs

3rd          John Wilson        62 lbs 1oz

4th          Dave Askew        58 lbs 8ozs

5th          Trevor                  57 lbs 1oz

6th          Gary Page            52 lbs 8ozs

7th          Andy Boocock    41 lbs 3ozs

Fantastic weights all round with a total weigh in for the match of 540 lbs.

It has to be remembered that all three lakes at Tingrith fish well and Woodlands continues to produce pleasant surprises. Pictured below are Dave Maple with a fine example of a 2 lb Crucian Carp caught mid water with a banded pellet, Vinny Bunker with a lovely metallic 5 lb fish taken on a 10mm boilie. To add to the mix a fine perch of 3 lbs caught by William Savage.

Also everything went well for the last river match of the season fished on the River Great Ouse at Kempston on the 12th March.

16 match anglers took this last opportunity to fish this fine stretch of river and they were not disappointed. The winning weights were as follows:

1st          Terry Noble         31 lbs 6ozs

2nd          Mick Burrell        18 lbs 2ozs

3rd         Paul Caton          17 lb 10ozs

4th          Nigel Porter        14 lb 5ozs

5th          Neil Shern            11 lb 8ozs

6th          Alan Hobbs          9 lbs 3ozs

Whilst there were a number of DNW’s the chub shone through in the winning weights with Terry Noble weighing in specimen fish of 6lb 6ozs and two of 6 lbs 4ozs. Likewise Nigel Porter took fish up to 6lb 3ozs.

Not limited to match fishing this stretch offers superb sport for the leisure angler with earlier in the month Alan Hobbs taking 6 fish to 5 and 6 lb and Peter Munday taking two chub from a nearby swim earlier in the week the best weighing in at 5 lbs 9ozs (pictured below)IMG_4055 cropped





IMG_40605 lb 9oz Chub Kempston3 lb Perch