Kempston Dredging

Please be aware that dredging is due to take place on the shallows just downstream of Kempston mill this week

Recent works on the Great Ouse at Sharnbrook.

Over the past few weeks a lot of work has been carried out on the river at Sharnbrook.
The river has been cleared of lot of weed, using the Clubs weed cutting boat gear & wading with scythes, to allow easier waggler & stick float fishing.
Also, swims have much better access, from the bank, with steps being cut & platforms erected, to facilitate safer fishing.

Perchfishers Group To Visit Sharnbrook

On Saturday 20th October, the Perchfishers group will be our guests at Sharnbrook, be interesting to see what they catch! Then on Sunday 21st October, we host a Beds Winter League match on the river at Sharnbrook, with the river fishing well at the moment, a good result is expected. If you want to fish the river on that day, please go to Radwell or Kempston.

Sharnbrook Report

Rainy weather, but happy anglers! A trio of fish all caught this week from Sharnbrook. Firstly Tom Russell with a great looking mirror carp of 10lbs, secondly James Hoffman with a lovely 15lb common and thirdly Ray Holtum (hope I have the name right! ) with 15lb pike taken on a dead bait. Pike season is truly here…


Guest Permits

Guest Permits – Clarification for Vauxhall Members
Only Vauxhall members may apply for a guest permit
They are never sold ‘on the bank’.
You cannot send an online payment through and then immediately take your guest fishing.
You MUST be in possession of the guest permit before fishing any Vauxhall venue.
The member is responsible for ensuring their guest complies with all Vauxhall rules.
No guest permits are issued for Tingrith.
They cost £10 and run for 24 hours.
Please help our bailiffs by not putting them in an awkward position of having to ask your guest to leave……

Sharnbrook success

Congratulations to new member Alex Richardson who caught this lovely 15lb common on his first trip to Sharnbrook…


Sharnbrook Mill Theatre

This weekend from about 4.00pm on Friday October 5th to about noon on Sunday October 7th a branch of the Caravan Club will be using the car park. Please be advised that this will mean there will be les parking space available.

River Open Match Results 29/09/2018

The river open match took place at Kempston with 13 anglers taking part.

Results can be found here.

River Open Matches Results 2018/2019

Congratulations to new member Alex Prospere

Congratulations to new member Alex Prospere who banked 2 fine carp of 29lbs and 25lbs from Woburn on his first visit!

The Ivel Protection Association June Meeting

A meeting was held in June by the Ivel Protection Association to discuss the current state of the river. From this an action plan was created. For those who are interested here’s the email from Graham Palmer (IPA Secretary/Treasurer) and the associated action plan docs.


To all IPA member clubs & IPA Delegates

The June meeting of The Ivel Protection Association discussed the state of The River Ivel and agreed to move forward with an action plan. The article by Graham Inwood distributed to all delegates at the beginning of May called for member clubs to discuss the issues and come back to meetings throughout this year with their considered responses. A copy is attached for reference.

Feedback at the meeting was very positive although not all clubs have had time to fully consider the article. There is ample time for this, the action plan will be an agenda item at all meetings for the foreseeable future, so if your club still wishes to respond please do so. The consensus at this meeting was that the river is in severe long term decline and the IPA should exercise its constitutionally defined role to ‘protect and improve’ the fishing on the river. In particular a vote of thanks went to the committee of Shefford DAA for producing an extensive and well considered document dealing with the issues facing the river environment and some detail proposals for action. A copy is attached for all clubs to discuss and respond. Whilst the IPA welcome ideas and suggestions in writing, your delegates will of course need to be present at future meetings in order to vote on any propositions.

For any plan to succeed it will require effort from individual members of the IPA. This in turn requires communication. For this reason the meeting agreed to add all relevant documents to the IPA website and to create an IPA Facebook page. Member clubs will be asked to add links on their own websites and to help distribute information via their own Facebook groups. The aim is to reach out to all keen river anglers amongst our members and give them the opportunity to assist with The Ivel Action Plan.

Graham Palmer Secretary/ Treasurer



Links to the associated docs.

Action Plan for the IPA (12 June 2018)-1 Shefford DAA

Ivel action plan article