Health and Safety Advice

We all love to go fishing, but statistically it can be a dangerous sport.

Please do take extreme care on the bank side, it only takes a split second to fall into the water, especially on wet, riverbanks. Ensure that you have the correct footwear on for the conditions, always go with someone if at all possible, ALWAYS let someone know where you are fishing. If you night fish, take extra care, it really is very easy to become dis-orientated once night falls.

Many of our waters have overhead power cables, stay away from them! Even though the dangers of overhead power cables have been well communicated over the years, anglers are still getting themselves electrocuted by fishing much too close to them. NEVER use a pole anywhere near a cable and take extreme caution with an carbon rod.

Even just walking across fields can be tricky, grass hides a multitude of unseen hazards.

Also think about other river users or walkers when you are fishing, anglers can not only be a danger to themselves whilst fishing but anyone else in the vicinity!

Finally, do not leave any litter of any description, wildlife needs the protection of anglers.