AGM Report 19th Jan 2015

The AGM took place on the 19th Jan and was one of the longest we have ever had!  As always, it would have been nice to have a few more members there.

There was some good, strong discussion especially about the rule changes, with the results shown below.


1. Received from Alan Hobbs, by letter, on 16th Nov.’14 & seconded by Rex Hobbs.

Addition to Water Rules for Manor Lake, Tingrith.

First Proposal – That only one rod to be used at any time.   CARRIED BY THE MEETING 1 VOTE AGAINST

Second Proposal – That keep nets can only be used during matches. CHAIRMAN CAST DECIDING VOTE -CURRENTLY REJECTED.

2. Received from Dave Maple, by email, on 18th Dec.’14.

First Proposal seconded by Jim Rogers – That the following should be added  to the end of Rule 8 (Management):

 “Any Committee Member failing to attend a minimum of seven committee meetings a year, without reasonable explanation, will cease to be a committee member & their complimentary book be revoked”.   CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY BY THE MEETING

Second Proposal seconded by Roger King – Additions to Water Rules –

i). “All members, especially long stay anglers, must ensure they cater for their own toilet requirements by bagging and removing all waste from the  fishery”. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY BY THE MEETING

ii). “Under no circumstances must anglers cause offence or a hygiene hazard, to any person, by not complying with the previous rule. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY BY THE MEETING

Third Proposal – seconded by Garrick Langton – That Membership Fees for season 2015/2016 be as follows:

     “All rates to remain as previous season but with the exception of the Senior Citizen & Disabled rates which should increase to £30”.  THE SENIOR CITIZEN AND DISABLED RATE INCREASE WAS CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY BY THE MEETING

3. Received from Martyn Sansom, by email, on 19th Dec.’14 & seconded by John Wilson.

“That the Adult Fee be increased from £50 to £55” CARRIED BY THE MEETING, 5 VOTES AGAINST