Club Info

Vauxhall Angling Club is a Bedfordshire based Angling Club and is operated as a traditional members organisation, run by anglers for anglers. Whilst keeping the name, the Club no longer has any Association with The Vauxhall Motor Company and membership is fully open to all by subscription on line or through many Tackle Dealers over 3 Counties (see Membership).

The membership rates for the 2015 – 2016 season have slightly increased after remaining static for several years. It is important to understand actual costs, if you are an adult and buy membership followed by a Spring Ticket, the cost for 1 full years fishing is £1.53p a week! I am not aware of any other sport that provides facilities for anywhere near that cost, we all know how much a pint of beer costs……and how long does that last!

The Club has around 9 miles of river and 100 acres of lakes to fish. The Club is also affiliated to the Ivel Protection Association and the terrific fishing that provides and also a water share deal with DATS for the Grand Union Canal in the Galleon Pub area at Wolverton and the Navigation Inn.

Vauxhall Angling Club continues to be named as one of the top Clubs in the country, looking at both the specimen fish and quantity of fish, it is easy to understand why.. The Club continues to restock every year as we try to ensure that good fishing is available to all members. We work very closely with the Environment Agency and through this at Radwell and Sharnbrook major improvements to spawning grounds and river fish stock have been achieved. Thousands of chub, dace, roach and barbel have been introduced over the last few years, this is where some of your rod license money is spent.

This is only possible with the support from anglers, so if you would like to fish in some terrific surroundings and help this progressive Club improve fishing, please join!

Please take a really good look through the website, our membership is open to everyone.

Dave Maple – Chairman.