Q – I’ve forgotten my book and need the lock code to get in, can I have it please.

A – No sorry, we never give out lock codes over the phone.


Q – I want to add a 3rd rod to my license, how can I do this?

A – Please send a PayPal gift to vauxac@yahoo.co.uk for the outstanding amount, we will then send you a card to carry with your book.


Q- What’s the carp stock level at ……………….

A – This is an impossible question for us to answer, decent fish are caught in all the lakes, just have a look at our Facebook page.


Q- Are there any barbel in the river?

A – Yes! There are still barbel in there, do not believe everything you hear. Watercraft and time spent identifying likely swims is the way to go. Don’t just bowl up, cast out and expect success.


Q – What’s the weed like in the pits?

A – Some are weedy and some not. We have anglers that fish and catch in the weed and those that want clear spots. Weed is cyclic, there some years and not others.