Vauxhall Angling Club Constitution

The Club Constitution adopted at the Annual General Meeting held on 18th February 2003 is inviolate and shall not be subject to any addition alteration or amendment thereto for the whole lifetime of the Club. The Constitution shall take precedence over any and all of the Club rules and any addition alteration or amendment thereto.

The Club shall be known as Vauxhall Angling Club.

The Club shall promote the sport of Angling and shall provide angling facilities for all the members. Any person shall be eligible to become a member upon payment of the appropriate annual membership fee provided always that such person has not been found to be in serious breach of Club rules.
All adult members shall be entitled to pursue the sport of angling on all club owned or controlled waters at all times save where subject to statutory or voluntary close seasons or lease or tenancy restrictions which for the avoidance of doubt shall apply to all members. Child or junior members shall be entitled to pursue the sport of angling on Club owned or controlled waters in accordance with the rules of the Club.
The affairs of the Club shall be conducted by the Officers and Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for all positions of Officer and Committee Member and any addition alteration or amendment to Club rules must be proposed and seconded in writing to the retiring Committee one calendar month before the Annual General Meeting.
The Club shall only be disbanded following ballot of all the members providing a two-thirds majority of the whole membership in favour of disbandment. Upon disbandment of the Club all remaining Club assets and monies shall be apportioned equally amongst all the members